Winter breeches

So, this will be my first Utah winter with a horse in work, & whilst it does get bitterly cold back home, I am not used to the snow or the extreme cold that can occur in my new home town.  So, to prepare, I thought I had best look into some appropriate cold weather riding clothes as all I had were some riding skins & a couple of other light weight breeches.

I recently purchased online 2 breeches advertised as being for winter.  Disclaimer here: I paid full price & this was a totally independent purchase.  I did a lot of searching & looking into a variety of brands & product reviews before settling on the 2 pair.  A few things I took into consideration:

  1. I absolutely must have a full seat breech!  Unfortunately I have become too accustomed to riding in a full seat breech that without one, I feel like the proverbial sack of potatoes without that extra grip provided!
  2. Price.  I was not going to spend a fortune, especially as I am not all that confident purchasing clothing online.  My budget per pair was $80 or less if I could find.
  3. As this was an online purchase, the store guarantee was also taken into consideration should the need arise to return the items due to poor fit or any other issue.
  4. Reviews were read from other purchasers & assisted in choosing which brands I thought were worth trying.

Now, there were a number of brands I wanted to purchase but found that either the color I wanted or the size I needed were not available.  The 2 I ended up purchasing, both through the same online store were:

Devon Air Full Seat Fleece
Tuffrider Unifleece Breech

Although purchasing from the same store, the items were shipped separately.  This wasn’t a major concern as I was only charged the one shipping fee.  I was also able to get 25% off one pair through the merchants promotion.  Shopping around to compare prices & special offers always pays off!

My first impressions:
Fit; Good overall.  Leg length perfect in Devon Air, slightly longer in Tuffrider*
(*At 5′ with short legs I am assuming these are designed to be midcalf for normal height riders!)
Seat; Suede in both, Devon Air is over the top of base material, Tuffrider is an insert.  Neither appears to be a stretch suede, so very little give.
Material: Devon Air is a lightweight fleece, Tuffrider a thicker fleece.
Style; Both are nicely styled
Comfort; Both are reasonably comfortable however there is little give in the seat.

I am yet to ride in both & when I do I will update the blog with my impressions on their “rideability”! I’ll also do periodic updates throughout winter as to how they are wearing.

Do you have a favorite winter breech?  Leave your reply below.

One comment

  1. ok, its been several months since I made this purchase & time for a review!
    Devon Air: The styling on these breeches is very nice. The fabric performs well in regard to non-pilling & doesnt attract the hay & sawdust around the barn, however they are not the most comfortable, with limited stretch. The fabric is a nice weight for cooler temperatures however they are not that warm on the coldest of days.
    Tuffrider: Very comfortable, and quite warm although I have used thermals on the coldest of days. They aren’t as stylish as the Devon Air, but in sub freezing temperatures I’m not that worried about style! Unfortunatley the fabric has already started to pill & they do attract the hay & barn grot!
    Certainly for warmth & comfort of the Tuffrider outperform the Devon Air, however the Devon Air have got the measure of the Tuffrider in fabric performance for cleanliness & style!
    Feel free to add your contribution of your experiences with winter breeches.


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