Nutrition Analysis

With the number of people asking advice on feeding, whether it be what is currently being fed or what other products might be better, I have decided to offer a diet analysis service.  A new page on the website will be added very soon with all the details, however what I can offer is both an analysis of what is currently being fed, along with creating a diet in close consultation in order to meet both the owners & the horses needs & preferences.

diet-analysisThe analysis provides a comprehensive report on all the essential elements required to satisfy your horses needs & can also provide a cost analysis to assist you with your decisions & budgeting.

This is an exciting new service that I hope will provide owners piece of mind & take the guesswork out of feeding.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Cheers & Happy Riding!


  1. Thanks Sara, you are not alone with that feeling. This is definitely a worthwhile exercise! Info is now included with its own page for Nutrition Analysis! Looking forward to working with you & Eiger!


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