About Me

I’m a great believer in all things happening for a reason.  Fate, the universe, a greater meaning – however you wish to put it.  My life was always going to involve horses!  For me, there could never have been anything else.  It certainly hasn’t been an easy road, at times I have wondered why I persist but honestly, I don’t know anything else I would prefer to do.  The rewards that come with horse ownership I couldn’t imagine finding through any other pursuit.  Horses truly do give meaning to my life.

A few fast facts about me:  I grew up in Australia & am currently living in the US.  I’m a self taught rider from a non-horsey family.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Equine Management) from Melbourne University & also hold a Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) & a Diploma of Public Safety (Policing).  I’ve bred a small number of Arabian horses, achieving State, Regional & National wins in hand, under saddle & in dressage, both in Australia & more recently the US.

I’ve always had an interest in topics related to welfare & wellness.  After extensive research into PEMF therapy, I purchased equipment & established Peak Performance Equine, a service providing PEMF sessions & the results speak for themselves!  I also run a small hobby business, Leading Designs, making show halters & presentation sets for Arabian and Miniature horses.  Be sure to check out my work here.

In recent times, there has been a wide variety of equine welfare issues that have created concern, not just within equestrian circles, but also with the wider public.  As horse lovers, the issues should & do concern us all.   Soreing & stacks within the gaited horse community, shanking in arabian halter horses, riding horses into the ground (literally) in endurance, rolkur in dressage, general neglect & the list goes on.  These practices & methods are abhorrent & one can only wonder as to how & why they ever became as widespread as they are if we truly have the best interest of the horse at heart.

All these issues & more provided the impetus for commencing my own personal journey, one on which I reflect on everything I do with my horse & ask myself honestly: Is this good for the horse?  Is this the best I can do?  Is there a better way?  I would like to think that through continually learning I will continually improve, not in order to win show ring accolades, but to do better by my horse.  To that end, education is the key & hence why I created “The Hippodrome”;  an arena for information & discussion in the pursuit for knowledge.supreme-arabian-magic-2013  I hope you will join with me in this quest & look forward to your

Happy Riding!