The Horse!

Hello & welcome!

The purpose of The Hippodrome is to share information and promote discussion on a variety of equine related topics, in order to improve our knowledge for the benefit of our horses.

I invite you to contribute to discussions, as I know there is a wealth of experience and knowledge out there to be shared, but I ask that you please keep in mind the following;

*Opinions: There is no right or wrong when it comes to opinions, however if you wish to express yours, please substantiate it with an explanation, be it personal experience or particular knowledge gained through other sources.

Remain open minded, & remember there is nothing wrong with changing ones opinion if new information warrants it.

*Language:  Personal attacks, insults, obscenities & otherwise rude comments will not be tolerated.

*The Horse:  At the end of the day, this is all about the horse.  I understand that at times we do things to & for our horse in order for us to feel better.  Sometimes we also do things for our own ego.  Lets try to put these things aside & look at issues with an objective perspective.  Quite a challenge at times!